Dunk SB

    Fake Dunks SB in yep sneaker is Nike's professional skateboarding shoe collection. The full name of SB is SKATE BOARDING, which means skateboarding. The Rep Dunks SB series has a "Nike SB" logo sewn on the tongue. The thickness of the tongue is usually several times that of a regular DUNK. This is to protect the ankles of skaters. At the same time, Fake Dunks SB series uses more than ten grooves on the edge of the outsole. This design is mainly designed to facilitate jumping and lifting the head of the skateboard with the sole during skateboarding. Many people cannot distinguish between Air Force 1 Reps and Fake Dunks, but in fact, the two are easily distinguishable. The midsole of air force 1 reps is thick, and the air force 1 reps is equipped with AIR SOLE technology, so there is a "AIR" mark on the back of the heel.

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