Yeezy 700

    Yep sneaker is selling two batches yeezy 700 reps that pk god batch and ljr sneaker. Regardless of the batch, the quality is satisfactory.

    The first color scheme of the yeezy 700 reps series was launched in November 2017 and made its public debut at the Yeezy's fifth season fashion show that year. This sneaker features retro inspired lines that complement the thick contours of the previous era. The mesh base on the back panel is gray and yellow, and the forefoot is cyan. Yeezy 700 fake may not be as stunning as yeezy 450 fake at first glance, but the more you look at it, the better it looks. Yeezy 700 reps follows the style of "dad shoes" and pays more attention to the comfort of the upper foot.

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